My Vision

Arizona’s Republican Future

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the great Republican Party of Arizona is not as strong as it should be.  During my private sector experience, I have taken organizations and investments to the next level.  That is why I am running for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  Arizona needs vibrant party leadership that focuses on unity, assisting all Republicans across the state.

In order to accomplish these goals, I will focus on five areas to improve the Party’s strength:

1. Provide a strong and passionate defense of our party’s ideals and values.

First and foremost, we are Republicans.  That means that we stand for liberty, family values and limited government.  I will champion these values and assist my fellow Arizona Republicans to do the same.

2. Provide a well-funded and well-organized party.

America is at a crossroads, where the financial realities of President Obama’s administration are starting to become clear.  If America is to survive and be great, President Obama and his fellow Congressional Democrats must be defeated in November.  Beyond November, Arizona needs a Republican Party with its eyes on the future.

Arizona needs a well-funded and well-organized party, providing these resources to Republicans who need it. We need a party that focuses on education, training, GOTV and registration. We need to educate the public on the important issues affecting Arizona. We need leadership development. I will focus my Chairmanship on all of these key points.

3. Grow the Party

Arizona is changing. We are growing.  I look at these changes as opportunities to develop a new generation of conservative leaders, grow our voter registration, and have a greater influence on the party as a whole.

If we want to grow the Party, we need to focus on strategic planning and execution.  I will engage Arizona’s brightest and refine the structural Party with input from Republican stakeholders (Republican club members, precinct committeemen, volunteers, district chairs, contributors, etc.) around our state.

4. Provide a professionally managed Party and a media presence (both new and traditional media) that is timely and impactful.  We will be fully engaged in a dynamic media plan like never the party has never seen, utilizing new media’s ability to reach those voters who might never have been reached before.

The Party must strengthen the message of its members, supporting them with the arguments they need to win.

5. Provide a Party that is focused on winning back Arizona’s trust by emphasizing transparency and measurable accountability.

The American people are losing faith in their political affiliations.  This cannot happen with our Party.  Arizona’s Republican Party must not only have the trust of its members, but also the public at large if we are to grow.

Through Party transparency, members can measure our performance.  Through Party accountability, members can hold us responsible for our actions.

Transparency, measurable accountability, and integrity will be a hallmark of my Chairmanship.  These values will be instilled in my staff and my work.  We will be focused on winning back your trust.

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