The Issues

There are issues that must be protected.

I will emphasize the following:

Protecting The Unborn – “I am a father. I am Pro-life.”

I believe and know that life must be respected and valued in our civil society.  In our world, it is not enough to simply ‘Choose Life.’  We must cherish it and ensure we protect it, especially for those unborn children, the most helpless souls among us.

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Illegal Immigration

The federal government must act to protect Arizona’s borders, but absent federal action, it is Arizona’s responsibility to protect its citizens and precious state resources.

First and foremost we must secure our borders. Currently the 389 miles of the Arizona / Mexico border have been used by illegal immigrants as a gateway into our state.  Illegal immigration is a relentless drain on the entire state’s infrastructure, discouraging lawful immigration and encouraging crime.

Estimates have the total cost of illegal immigrants on healthcare, education, and jails at $1.3B each year.  Clearly this is a federal issue, but the State of Arizona must continue to act.  The lack of political will and courage by the federal government in addressing illegal immigration has forced our state to boldly pass legislation (SB 1070) as a means to protect our citizens, our infrastructure and our economy.

Talking and not doing is depleting the lifeblood resources we need to build, protect and grow Arizona’s opportunities.  As party chairman, I will support and find candidates that are equally committed to securing Arizona’s border and protecting Arizonans.

Traditional Marriage

“I married my wonderful wife and started a family.  It is the most important thing in my life and it is worth defending vigorously.”

The family unit is important to the preservation of a free people.  In fact, I believe that traditional marriage is important for the continuation of a healthy American society.

That is why it is important to defend traditional marriage from those who want to redefine it, both morally and legally.  The consequence of such alteration is too great to risk and I will spend my time vigorously defending it as your Chairman.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

The Constitution of the United States is for our guidance and protection. The document, more specifically the Bill of Rights, gives us personal freedoms unlike any other in the world. One of the pillars within the Bill of Rights is the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.  Quite simply, the Second Amendment provides the security for every American to know their government will not and cannot disarm them.  An unarmed society is one prone to be plagued by tyranny.

As a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment, and a life member of the NRA, I understand the need to uphold freedom for each and every American citizen. Over the years, legislators have chipped away at the Constitution as a whole, and more specifically, the Second Amendment. Americans have had their freedoms restricted and controlled by administrations past and present, all under the pretext of protecting victims’ rights.  I know, however, that additional laws and restrictions upon our freedoms rarely protect those who need it.  Instead, law-abiding citizens are left defenseless, while criminals, by definition, will ignore laws regardless of the penalty, and prey upon an exposed public.

Defending all of our freedoms, especially the right to bear arms, is something I have done all of my life.  In order to maintain our country’s heritage as a constitutional democratic republic, we must abide by and preserve the freedoms granted to us at our nation’s inception.

Protecting the 10th Amendment – “If Arizonans do not stand up for state’s rights, who will?”

The Tenth Amendment is put in place to identify the capacity of influence the federal government has upon the people of the United States. It specifies powers given to the federal government by the people, and leaves any other obligations to the state governments or to local governments, depending on the issue.  I will stand strong to defend the rights of the states to maintain their sovereignty. Furthermore, I will make sure that the federal government acts in the capacity it is supposed to: A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Over the years, this nation has seen the states power wane as federal funds are sent to states for “general welfare,” and yet have clauses and strings attached, giving the federal government enormous power over the states. These spending mandates have created huge budgeting problems for states.  States have become dependent on federal dollars coming in, and compliance is often mandatory.  This perpetuates programs that certain states cannot afford to maintain, causing running deficits that are passed on to generations yet to come.

I will work by paying close attention and defending against issues which erode the powers granted to the states specifically by the Bill of Rights. Moreover, states’ rights will be a central issue to me, as I work to protect the system our nation’s founders originally put into effect. Protecting state sovereignty keeps the federal government accountable to the people.  Supporting, finding, and electing constitutional conservatives will help our state maintain its independence.

Economic Growth

  • Transparent spending, high-standard, high-ranking, quality education
  • Foster a pro-growth, pro-innovation globally competitive environment
  • Continued Support for Arizona’s Right to Work Law Status

Arizona has every characteristic to be competitive on the national scale when it comes to fostering a pro-growth business environment.  Jobs are at the heart of any economy’s success.  Our citizens need to have jobs that will create economic security for them and their families.

As a business leader, I understand the pressures that come from trying to balance a payroll and properly manage overhead to profitability.  As Chairman it is critical to develop strategies to elect fiscally conservative Republicans who understand and have the will to drive pro-growth legislation and initiatives. If tax burdens are too great upon a company, small or large, it can suffocate a company’s ability to be creative, innovative, maintain competitive advantage, or its ability to add jobs.   Unnecessary taxes may even destroy a business’s ability to survive.  To be competitive, I will work diligently to maintain a pro-business, free market profile.

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