Today, the United States finds itself at a critical juncture, teetering on an unknown fate. A fate, in fact, that depends largely on the direction of our country’s leadership.

Currently, we sit on the brink of economic disaster and financial despair. Not since the 1940’s have we faced a more depressed America with staggering unemployment, poor economic output and ballooning national debt.

On the other side of this mess is a bright, economically sound future; a future that finds Americans enjoying economic stability, job creation, a balanced budget, tax relief and a stable future.

By rolling up our collective sleeves and electing leaders that share our vision for a better future, tomorrow will find us standing in the midst of stability.  I am committed to helping us achieve just that.

As the Arizona State Party Chairman, I pledge to make our party more organized, stronger and remarkable in how we reach voters and bring back the prosperity we once enjoyed.

America deserves better. Arizona deserves better.

Together We Can

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